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V'higadeta - Bamidbar - Insights & stories

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One day a certain rosh yeshivah had a flash of inspiration. He thought to himself, How many times can I learn the same masechtas over and over? Like many yeshivos, his yeshivah focused on the masechtas in Nashim and Nezikin, and when they finished, they started the cycle all over again. So he came up with a plan. In the previous learning cycle, his shiurim had been recorded. The talmidim could listen to the recordings while he could spend that time learning all the masechtas he never had the opportunity to study. He put the plan into action. Then, one day, he made a surprise visit to the beis midrash. From afar, he could hear his own voice, full of fervor, discussing the sugya aloud. Ah, the sweet sounds of success. But when he entered the beis midrash, he found that it was completely empty. And on each shtender…was a recording device. Nothing can replace a live speaker, but this sefer—V’Higadeta on the parashah by Rav Yaakov Galinsky, zt”l—comes very close. Words that come from the heart penetrate the heart. As you read this book, you will feel your heart open, allowing the words—insightful, vivid, meaningful—to penetrate.


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