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Turf Wars

SKU: 158733  |  Barcode: 9781614658368


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Where is Yonah Katz? Yonah Katz, an unassuming bookkeeper, has disappeared. In the frantic search to find him, his son Baruch is thrown into the unfamiliar world that lies beyond the beis midrash. Baruch’s brother, Gedalya, a perpetually unsuccessful businessman, joins the desperate search. On the other side of town, Gabe, son of a Mafia boss, knows there’s nothing more important than the family business. So why is he searching for something more? Gabe’s cousin Tony, son of the rival Mafia boss, doesn’t have the heart to hurt others, but he’s terrified of angering his explosive father. Which ill-equipped cousin will become the family’s heir in its long-anticipated turf war? In this engrossing thriller, dark secrets intensify as the search for Yonah Katz reveals shocking truths. Will anyone’s life ever be the same again?


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