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Silver Plated Wall Menorah

SKU: 30231-NER  |  Barcode: 706132302318


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This Menorah features intricate, detailed carvings of floral imagery curving their way up to be crowned at the top. The Shamosh, or guiding light, held aloft at the top left is paired on the right by an oil jug, the central figure of the Chanukah miracle in the Temple of Jerusalem in the days of the Maccabees. The design of the Menorah is sure to impress an appropriate mood on the candles as you and yours watch them burn through the evening. 

The wide, foot-long base frame is sturdily and steadily supported by four stout legs meant to keep the entire structure in position. Enjoy the lights worry-free and with a clear mind, knowing that the Menorah will be safe and secure. 

At just about one foot high, this Menorah will present a dominant figure on the table, representing the glory of the Chanukah lights. The holders are 1" in diameter, so you can fill them with medium-sized oil cups, or large, thick candles. You can get pre-filled Ohr Lights, or get cups and oil separately. 

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