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Right Angles - Novel

SKU: 160864  |  Barcode: 9781600918803


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The toddler was crying. But not a sound emerged.


His tiny hands stretched toward me helplessly. His lips mouthed the words, "Perri, Perri." Sweat beaded his forehead.


Where was I? Why wasn't I coming? I strained to reach him, coming closer and closer. I could see his matted blond curls, feel his tears drip onto my neck...




Perri Geller would be a carefree, happy tenth grader. Fun-loving and popular - the life of the party even - Perri is surrounded by great friends and a loving family. She is talented and successful, and her life would be perfect...


...if not for the incident last year that continues to reverberate in her - and each of her family members' - hearts, shattering them anew each day.


Bassie Friedman would be a respected and beloved high school teacher. Her students would be enamored with her youthful vigor and her engaging, carefully prepared lessons...


...if not for one particular student who seems bent on putting her patience and passion to the test, leeching any and all inspiration out of her classes.


In Right Angles, you'll laugh and you'll cry along with Perri and Bassie - and their families, too - as they grow and they heal and they learn about sorrow, about joy, about each other, and mostly, about thems


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