ZStander Lucite Tabletop Shtender

“Multi-Positional Lucite Tabletop Shtender10mm thick and shatter resistant
3 convenient positions
Proprietary Z shape and collapsible flap keeps tabletop unobstructed
strong enough to firmly support leaning
Stackable for easy handling and compact storage
non slip rubber tips”

SKU: 99990000001581 Category:
SKU 99990000001581 Category

Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

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Additional Information

Crystal clear, high quality lucite
10mm thick, shatter resistant
Keep seforim handy on back
Proprietary Z profile keeps tabletop unobstructed
Liftable flap raises reading angle
Firmly supports body weight
Stackable for easy handling and compact storage
Non-slip rubber tips
16″w x 11″d x 16″h

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