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Seasonal / זמנים


Vinyl Kosel Painting Poster

SKU: 20001115868837 Category:
SKU 20001115868837 Category

Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

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Additional Information

Exquisite Succos wall art, hand painted exclusively for Feldart.

Depicting Succos at the Kosel in the most regal modern way.

This painting will add brightness and artistic flair, along with feelings of home to your Sukkah.

Specifically designed so you can put it up in a way that best suits your sukkah – with the easy hanging kit included, or use the two holes at the top to hang.

Available in beautiful thick acrylic or in a thick vinyl option, for you to enjoy year after year.

Size: 52 x 41cm


Seasonal / זמנים

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