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Tehillim Mechulak – Tehillas Leah Sarah Edition -Boxed set

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SKU 9781422626467 Category

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The Tehillas Leah Sarah Tehillim Mechulak: A convenient and inspiring new way to say Tehillim together! In the past years, thousands of groups worldwide have been formed to recite “Tehillim Mechulak,” with each member of the group receiving a booklet with several chapters of King David’s Sefer Tehilim (Psalms) and reciting it, so the entire Tehillim is recited in a short time. This set of booklets comes in an elegant display box. Features include: A boxed set of 30 booklets divided by the Yom (the daily Tehillim) Fully vowelized Hebrew text, with the classic ArtScroll English-language translation A gold-stamped elegant leatherette box The box opens and closes with a unique magnetic flip panel for easy access Light, easy-to-carry to group gatherings Room on the box front for imprinting for a name for a refuah or zecher nishmas


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