Smart Shissel Bowl & Cup Neggel Vasser set – Beige – Price Excludes VAT

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SKU 99990000001763 Category

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Availability: In stock

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THE NO SPILL SELF-COVERING DOUBLE-WALLED NEGEL VASSER. INCLUDES MATCHING CUP PERFECT FOR ADULTS & CHILDREN Tomei water is fully covered after washing Carry the bowl without spilling Open the plug to pour out used water Encourage your children to wash without worrying about spills or mess After washing, water flows to the lower bowl and children won’t play in used water Children can’t spill water all over themselves, the carpet, the furniture, or dunk their toys in it NO SPILLS! IF TIPPED UPSIDE DOWN, WATER REMAINS INSIDE INNER BOWL. THE SMART SHISSEL HAS A ONE-WAY DRAIN THAT TRAPS WATER INSIDE, LEAVING IT COVERED AND SPILL PROOF. The SMART SHISSELTM is a clever double-bowl with a one-way hole. The water drains into the lower, second bowl and cannot come back out. Water will stay inside, even if the bowl is knocked over or flipped upside-down! (a few droplets may come out, but are not any cause for halachic concern)
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