Shabbos Lamp

The original “OR LE SHABBAT” Lamp, a decorative lamp with a kosher certificate, for use on Shabbat and Holidays.
Using the Sliding shutter mechanism, you can control the intensity of light, from the status of full light to complete darkness.
Easy to carry around and Fit to use all over the world!

The “OR LE SHABBAT” lamp was tested and approved for use on Shabbat and Holiday by the Institute of Science and Technology for Halacha led by Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Halperin.

For kosher use of the “OR LE SHABBAT” lamp, please set the lamp on a stable surface using the vacuum pads at the base of the lamp, to avoid movement (“Tiltul”).

Before candle lightning, turn on the light and move the shutter back and forth to adjust the intensity of the light.

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SKU KSHL1 Category
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Additional Information

25 powerful LEDs in daylight brightness

Power consumption – Just a few cents for 24 hours of light!

Voltage: 110v-240v

Weight: 370 grams

Product size: Height – 29 cm, width – 10.8 cm, depth – 17 cm

Packing size: 18X12X22 cm

International Standard mark

The lamp does not contains glass, is fit for use in all rooms, and is safe to use around children.

The lamp can be hung on the wall.

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