Live The Blessing - Daily Wisdom on howe to live in peace

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It’s all we really want, and when we think about our life and our world, we realize that shalom – peace- is all we really need. No matter what we have or don’t have, no matter what we’re going through, if we’re at peace with ourselves and those around us, we can thrive. Nevertheless, each person is a world unto himself, and those worlds sometimes collide. Is there any way to build and protect the shalom that is so vital to our spiritual, emotional and material success? The Torah’s wisdom overflows with insight and practical answers to this burning question. Live the Blessing brings the reader a daily dose of this wisdom, accompanied by a story that shows us how to incorporate the concept into our lives. Its chapters candidly confront the nitty-gritty of conflict and machlokes, including parent-child relationships, shalom bayis, divorce, business and community disputes. Its vital message: While differences are inevitable, personal enmity is not. This volume is packed with practical tools and expert advice. Each lesson suggests a step that readers can take to infuse their lives with shalom. Each chapter includes an interview with a rabbi, mental health professional or educator who provides an expert’s perspective. The final chapter is a collection of materials that provide invaluable tools for securing the blessing of shalom for a lifetime. With one concise, content-packed lesson each day, this volume will transform the readers’ perspectives and their lives, providing a realistic way to Live the Blessing that shalom brings.


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Live The Blessing - Daily Wisdom on howe to live in peace