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Hot Dog’s Revenge

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The Hot Dog’s Revenge [Paperback]
More hilarious bloopers from ordinary people who thought they knew Hebrew… and English!
By: R. Newton & R. Schreiber

Product Description
Just when you thought you’d heard every single twist on all the mortifying Anglo-in-Israel bloopers possible, The Hot Dog’s Revenge! serves you the next Middle-Eastern dish.

“My mashiv haruach is morid hageshem!”

“Do you have a stick with a beard?”

“Give me some upside-down coffee, please!”

Join us for another crazy ride through the streets of Shaarei Chesed and Geulah, Bnei Brak, Ramat Beit Shemesh, and Raanana, as yet more bumbling Israeli-wannabees emit Winners of a Blooper – but this time around there’s retribution toward All Those Who Laughed at Us and Got Away With It….

If you’ve found yourself telling a friend that you “don’t want to make a Hot Dog mistake,” welcome to the club. Following its wildly successful forerunner, Don’t Ask for a Hot Dog!, the all-new The Hot Dog’s Revenge will showcase the other side of the coin – as well as display some more fabulous fashlot just for fun.

Whether you’re a newcomer or old-timer, whether you’re married to one of Them or just a friendly neighbor who’s been here so long you get all the nu’ansim so you don’t find yourself in uncomfortable situ’atzi’ot…this book is for you!

Revenge! Are you ready?




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