מצוה לאנד

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SKU 793565252419 Category

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While strolling in MITZVAH LAND, kids will see the beauty of playing nicely with they peers and of helping out their parents. Then will they come across the important MIDOH of sharing and yielding toys with others. While on their way to do CHESED – assisting a fellow Jew – they will be appreciating the Mitzvah of TEFILAH, passing right along AHAVAS CHAVEIRIM, continuing to help L’KOVOD SHABBOS, kissing the MEZUZAH on the door, dedicating themselves to the MITZVAH of LIMUD HATORAH, and aiming on being the first MITZVAH KID at HAR SINAI.

Players stride through MITZVAH LAND amongst the many MITZVAHS and MIDOS, all the while enjoying this pleasurable game, until one of them is titled the MITZVAH KID.

MITZVAH LAND is a remarkable game that provides lots of fun and education for children of all ages – as long as they can recognize colors – not requiring any reading skills.

MITZVAH LAND is the game that keeps kids engaged and amazed for many hours.

(No Reading Required)

Sku: KS-401
Barcode: 793565252419
Age: 3+
Players: 2 – 4
Size: 8″ x 10.5″

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