Napkin Holder

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  • 43950-60758b63635051-46761725-napkin-holder-lucite-silver2028129

    Napkin Holder Silver Solid Lucite

  • 46111-60893d505c8f79-26610394-3M1A8585-scaled46111-60893d58092d18-45447974-silver-leaf-scaled

    Leaf Silver Chargers (6 pack)

  • 38972-609bb80a44f731-40404658-59959

    Elegant Glass Napkin Holder With Stones 9x17x7 Cm

  • 46109-6086bffaef5980-80067226-3M1A8668-scaled

    Hexagon Silver Chargers (6 pack)

  • 43789-60a7765c39aa30-48796442-44632

    Glass Napkin Holder 12X14X5 CM Diamonds

  • 43951-608fd0a1c9def8-60381992-L14375-1-large

    Napkin Holder Fligree SP

  • 43719-60a773dba94764-62378078-51759

    Elegant Crystal Napkin Holder with Plate 8x14 cm

  • 43949-60a77cc9925aa8

    Napkin Holder Lucite Flakes Silver

  • 43948-608fd17b4ac824

    Napkin holder Lucite Gold Solid

  • 43718-60a6580f848fb3-97341219-53032

    Elegant Crystal Bencher/Napkins Holder with Plate 11X15 cm

  • 35220-608fd0099dc2d1

    Napkin Holder Crystal With Stones

  • 43720-609bb7c09f5310-89458038-51760

    Elegant Crystal Napkin Holder With Plate 8x14 Cm

  • 43405-609d365032ec30-15172135-L15121-large

    Legacy Napkin Holder Silver Plated

  • 43947-608fd2385843f043947-608fd24102d4e1

    Napkinholder Lucite Flakes Gold

  • 49801-60abc693edb4d7

    Bencher Holder Wood-Silver