About Us

Tiferes® judaica is a famous European retailer of tens-of-thousands of Seforim, books, cd’s, and fabulous Judaica – ‘Jewish religious articles’, situated in Antwerp Belgium for the past 10 years. Tiferes® is known as #1 in service and quality in the judaica’n world.

At Tiferes® you will find the biggest selection of all types of books & Seforim from all brand-name publishers, such as: Artscroll, Feldheim, Israel press, Oiz vehuder, Judaica press, and others. In addition, in our stores you can get hundreds of exclusive literatures, brought to you by the authors themselves.

In Tiferes® warehouses there are daily arrivals of latest releases in distribution of Seforim and books, printed in England, Erets Yisroel, and the US. Tiferes® also orders frequently from around the globe to bring you an unparalleled collection of all types of quality-selected magnificent judaica items, to be able to serve you just the best in the market.

The house for all your judaica needs

Tiferes® judaica does deliveries to all countries on the European continent. We actually deliver every single week to over 10 countries, such as: Vienne, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Holland, Etc., in high-seasons they are almost daily.


Tiferes® judaica stocks thousands of great judaica gifts, whether you’re looking for gorgeous pieces of Judaica or anything in Jewish literature, this is the ideal place to get the ultimate of what you need as a gift for all occasions. 


When using Tiferes® you are making a statement, that you accept only the best quality and professional service!


Biggest selection of judaica in the EU 

On our website tiferes.be you can order everything we have in our showroom and much more.

Here you have the opportunity to search and surf thousands of our books and judaica items for all occasions, from essentials to advanced stuff. 

Check-out the photos, description, and reviews on every item, and make your decision to choose what suites your needs and budget.

Our team of dedicated professionals will respond to your questions or concerns, no later than in the next two working days, as well as approve your orders. 

We bring the books and all judaica items you need, from around the world delivered to your doorstep, for your comfort.

Tiferes.eu stands clear with thousands of exceptional products, competitive prices, and a dedicated team of professionals offering outstanding quality customer service at any time.

Even when tagged ‘out of stock’ we do order everything very quickly, on your request. So never ever hesitate to contact us.


Due to technical difficulties, the 30% discount is not yet functioning on the website. Please whatsapp us or fill in the form below detailing which product you would like to buy and we will get back to you in order to apply the discount.